Why Post & Panel Signs?

Post and panel signs are customizable solutions that all types of businesses and organizations value for being highly visible while remaining affordable.

Material Options

Post & Panel Signs are made from various materials such as PVC, aluminum, aluminum composites, wood and even HDU. The best choice for your application can be determined by your type of business, surrounding landscape as well as the durability required for your particular application.


Post & Panel Signs are commonly used for main signage for businesses and are especially effective when the business sits back from the road. They are also used as wayfinding for directing customers and visitors, building identification in a setting where there are multiple buildings, enter and exit signs at driveways and also for showing the other tenants in addition to the primary business. Post &Panel Signs can be internally lit, externally lit or not lit at all.

Whatever your needs, a custom Post & Panel Sign is an effective and affordable way to showcase your business.

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