Excalibur Sign Studio Services

Our company strives to provide a high quality product that produces results for our clients. This means that besides the obvious design, fabrication, and installation of signage, we also provide our clients with the services to aid in their sign journey!

The services we offer include, but are not limited to sign permitting, sign repair and maintenance, logo design, graphic design, and sign installation. These services guarantee your business will receive the best care in the sign industry today!


Sign Installation


Sign Permitting

Sign Repair & Maintenance

Logo Design


Graphic Design


Choose services that benefit your business, and our expert staff will insure that they meet the needs you have. Need to comply with ADA codes? Our professionals will research the necessary signage as part of our sign permitting service. Do you have an older sign that is in disrepair? We will get that sign looking better than ever with our sign repair and maintenance! Allow us the opportunity to show you what a higher level of service really means!

Do you have questions about the services we offer? Do you want to hear about our other services and signs? Contact us today by filling out the form on the right, and we will get you started with a service plan that works for you!