Roof Signs

Roof Signs are great investments either as a primary or supporting advertising tool.

Roof Signs can be tailor made to your business needs


Roof Signs are a great way to have a long standing, long lasting impression of your business in the public eye.  They are a huge statement maker and can be tailor made to present and market your branding, style, and location!  What a great marketing tool they can make!  They can and most often are also illuminated to give even more of a lasting impression in the minds of potential clients and customers.  Who could look toward the tallest building on Lake Ave. and miss the large “KODAK” lighted Roof Sign at Kodak Office? Even though we didn’t work on that particular sign, it’s a great example of what we can do for you!

So, you want your business to stand out?  You want to make a powerful visual statement and be visually appealing to all?  You want the public to not forget you and to always know where you are?  You want to show off your brand and have it be weather-proof as well as being able to be seen from lengthy distances?  That’s not too much to ask is it? Not here at Excalibur Sign Studio!

We consistently look for the best ways to create and design the most innovative sign packages for our customers so that in turn they may get the maximum benefit for their businesses.


If you have any questions about the Roof Signs that we offer or wish to learn about what else we offer please give us a call. We would love to be a part of seeing your business succeed and would be happy to tell you about the benefits a Roof Sign could bring you. Call us today, and we will begin planning the best sign package to compliment your business’s marketing goals!


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