Post Signs

Post and Panel signs are affordable and versatile solutions that will meet your company’s exterior signage needs

Post & Panel Signs

It’s no secret that most people are very visual and that nicely displayed and visually appealing signs get our attention.  So, it’s no wonder why you’d want a sign that can display your business’s brand and bring awareness of your presence to the community! You want to create a powerful visual statement that can be used as a great marketing tool as well as helping people find you. Post and Panel Signs are a great way to do this. A Post Sign is a Panel Sign that is installed to a post mounting. They can be customized to fit any setting as far as shape, size, font, color and mediums. You can also use images which can help to personalize the sign for you, and high resolution images are a great way to have an impact, stand out and make a statement.

Here, at Excalibur Sign Studio, we will always strive to provide the best signage options in the industry. Don’t settle for mediocre.  We will fabricate high impact signs at affordable prices.

Do you have questions about Post Signs? Would you like to learn more about our signs and services? Reach out to us today, and we will share the many advantages available with a custom package! We look forward to hearing from you.


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