Lighted Signs

Channel letters, sometimes referred to as raceway signs are a wonderful form of commercial signage.

Lighted Signs

Lighted signs can attract the attention of existing as well as potential customers. These can be Channel Letter Signs that are either Raceway Mounted (all of the letters are mounted on a Raceway for ease of installation and servicing) Or where each individual letter is mounted directly to the building face which is commonly known as direct mount or Non-raceway Mounted Channel Letters.

Another type of lighted sign is what is known as a Cabinet Sign. A cabinet sign has straight edges and can be rectangular or square in size. Cabinet signs can be single or double-faced. Single-faced cabinet signs are traditionally mounted on buildings, whereas doubled-faced cabinet signs are normally mounted on structures outside, such as poles or monument signs that allow the sign faces to be seen from two directions. 


Another type of lighted sign is a Cloud Sign. A cloud sign has an irregular shape and can be single or double-faced. This shape may be circular, triangular, or virtually any shape you can imagine. Cloud signs like Cabinet Signs can be mounted to buildings as well as Poles and Monument Signs. Designs can come in any size from as small as 1 foot by 2 feet, to as large as billboards that you see while driving. LED Signs are programmable and can change your images and messages as often as you would like. 

All these types of signs are effective ways to advertise your business and make it easy for customers to locate you. 

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