Carved Signs

Carved signs can attract people to come in check out your business as they stand outside and promote your brand for you.

Carved Signs

Carved signs are 3-dimensional signs that are typically carved from wood or high-density urethane. There are 3 types of carved signs to choose from.

You can choose a Pocket Cut sign were the letters are raised over a flat background. You can also choose what is called an engraved or ā€œVā€ carved sign. This type of sign is made by using a V-shaped bit to carve the letters into the face of the sign so that the sign face is flat and the letters are countersunk. Finally, there is the woodgrain sign which is essentially a pocket cut sign where the background looks like woodgrain instead of just being flat.

The letters, borders, and backgrounds are all beautifully painted in the colors that you choose. One option that many choose to enhance their signs and make them stand out in gold leaf. This particular treatment is common on carved signs that are used at professional office buildings and entrances to parks and recreational facilities.


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