Wall Signs & Graphics

Utilizing unused advertising space is a great idea for almost any business.

Wall Signs & Graphics for your store front


Put your company in front of your client base by having us install an exterior sign for you! These signs actually have the lowest cost per impression among other types of advertising like billboards, T.V. and newspaper. This is because wall signs offer exposure that is long-term to a wide audience at a one-time cost. Having a custom sign or graphic on your building speaks volumes about your business and about your brand. When you walk up to a business you don’t want to have to search for a small logo on the door, you want to be able to see the business from a distance such as from the parking lot or even the street.


We offer full color, any size graphics to suit your desires and we have a variety of products that work well for any type of situation. We can use different types of metal, wood, glass, & acrylic to create the perfect sign for you. Here, at Excalibur Sign Studio, we accommodate your needs and supply you with the best quality product possible. Contact us today at info@excalibursignstudio.com to see how our signage experts could help you. For a free quote, use our convenient form to the right!


We serve all of Rochester NY & the surrounding area