Open for Business Signs

Letting your customers known that you are open is beneficial for any business.

If you are Open For Business you need a sign

So you have a business that caters to the community by providing products and services. Then it is imperative to let them know your availability. Along with an Hours of Operation Sign, an Open Sign is just as important! You will find these signs to often be large and illuminated, and are mounted in the front window or door of your establishment. An Open Sign should be visible in any setting, and legible from the road. This could mean the difference between customers, and missed opportunities! However, technology has come a long way and there are a lot more options as far as design and materials for Open Signs.

At Excalibur Sign Studio, we are a full-service custom sign and graphics company that provides our clients with sign investments that are both durable and productive, and at an affordable price. We can create signs that have LED bulbs in the structure as opposed to the traditional neon light. It is more cost effective and safer using LED. It will surpass the lifetime of a neon lit sign, time and time again, plus the letters are easy to install. The letters simply lock into place and can be switched around at any time. This allows endless possibilities with other advertising you can do other than just a sign that reads, “Open”.

Do you have any questions regarding our custom Open For Business Signs? Would you like to learn more about the other services and signs that we offer at Excalibur Sign Studio? Call us today, or fill out our free quote form to the right and we will get you started on your sign endeavor!


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