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Wall Murals & Decals

Wall murals can be used in both commercial and residential situations to great success.

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While wallpaper is nice, Wall Graphics are better! They grab clients’ attention and are a conversation starter. It also is not something that you see all the time in someone’s space or office. That will make your location unique and memorable. These types of graphics are easy to install, and depending on the material you choose, also re-position-able. These will be applied smoothly and can be removed without any damage to the wall. So, there is no need to worry about decorating, even when you are in a temporary space. What a way to personalize your space.

We use 3M and other high quality materials to ensure that your graphics stay crisp and new looking for a very long time. We can create decals or full Wall Graphics that work great for children’s rooms, hospitals, dentist offices, doctors offices and public spaces to advertise, inform, or put children at ease when visiting the doctor. Or if you have a favorite saying, such as “Live Laugh Love” or “Our Fondest Memories are made Gathered Around the Table”, good news! We can put that as a decal on your wall too! The possibilities are endless. Give us a call at Excalibur Sign Studio and we can help make your space great!



Wow them with a Lobby Sign – Rochester NY

Wow them with a Lobby Sign – Rochester NY

You might be wondering what a lobby sign is. A lobby sign is a sign in a business or establishment that usually has the business name and or logo incorporated into it and is typically hung in an entry way, opposite or near the main door. This could be in a reception... read more


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