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Projecting Signs

When visibility is highly important, we recommend projecting signs.

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Projecting Signs may be for you

Projecting Signs attach to the sides of buildings and are most often large. Exterior signs are a powerful way to create a lasting impression in your community. Projecting Signs live up to their title, they project or stick out from a building. They can come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, have borders, or high resolution graphics and can be indoors or outdoors. If you want innovative designs and to make a bold statement, let Excalibur Sign Studio’s design team work with you to create a Projecting Sign that will meet your business’s needs!

At Excalibur Sign Studio, our mission is to assist our clients with their marketing and organizational goals. By utilizing high quality materials, and fresh, innovative designs, we provide custom tailored sign investments that exceed expectations!

Do you have any questions about Projecting Signs? Have any other questions about the other signs and services that we have to offer? Give your company what it needs and deserves. Go on, bring attention to yourself! Contact us today. We’d love to help.



Wow them with a Lobby Sign – Rochester NY

Wow them with a Lobby Sign – Rochester NY

You might be wondering what a lobby sign is. A lobby sign is a sign in a business or establishment that usually has the business name and or logo incorporated into it and is typically hung in an entry way, opposite or near the main door. This could be in a reception... read more


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