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Example4lobbyYou might be wondering what a lobby sign is. A lobby sign is a sign in a business or establishment that usually has the business name and or logo incorporated into it and is typically hung in an entry way, opposite or near the main door. This could be in a reception area if there is one, or just on one of the walls in or near the entry way. It is a one-of-a-kind sign that can be made from a large variety of materials, and can even be a digital lobby sign, depending on your preferences and what you want it to convey. A lobby sign is often the first thing people see when they come into your building or business, and it is often one of the most neglected or forgotten areas of signage. It is one of the few chances you’ll have to make a lasting first impression.WP Acrylic2

A lobby sign is your opportunity to tell a story. Your story, about your brand or company. It can show your personality, compliment your décor, and be a poignant and powerful portrayal of your company’s identity. As Jeff Bezos says, “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Lobby signs are a way of connecting you and your customers without saying a single word, and helps to set the tone for your business relationship. A lobby sign should be simplistic and uncluttered while creating a welcoming, confident atmosphere. It can emphasize your business identity, inspire loyalty, and portray your business as a brand you can trust. It also helps assure people they are in the correct place and can be a way to help ease the anxiety of first time customers or patients.Example1lobby

Lobby signs are affordable and easy to install and clean. There are many different options for making them as well. They can be made from metal, vinyl, acrylic, can be engraved, and so much more. They also come in numerous shapes and sizes depending on your preference. Remember that every element you incorporate into your sign is representative of your business and employees so you want to pay attention to the quality of your sign as well. So, why not wow your visitors with something artistic and unique, that welcomes and impresses, while setting you apart from other businesses signage? Make your business stand out and leave a strong lasting impression. Engage and impact your clientele in an incomparable way.Example2lobby Your company logo, color scheme, and artwork will not only give a visual representation of the personality of your company, but will also speak volumes as to the quality people can expect of your work. Ensure that your company philosophy has an organic feel to it and communicates professionalism and brand recognition. When designing a lobby sign, a basic rule for lettering and sizing is that 2” letters are readable from 10-15’ away. Add 1” to the letter height for every 20’ of distance people will need to read from, and if you can fit a larger letter size, it will only make it easier to read. Be sure to place your signage in significant areas within your building or business to make an impact and breed familiarity among anyone that comes across it.

If you are not quite sure what you want or how to go about it, or just want to bounce some ideas around, enlist the help of a professional. There are professional logo designers, and graphic designers available to help bring your ideas to life. We have some on staff here as well if you need any help. We take pride in our work and in our customers and will ensure you get the custom design package you deserve, so give us a call today.Example6lobby