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With so much advertising out there and “in your face” these days, it gets challenging to make yourself or your business stand out in a crowd. We are literally having hundreds upon thousands of products and services thrown at us every day. And with so many choices, sometimes it becomes hard to choose. One of the popular uses of advertising or marketing is with signs, banner signs to be more specific. How many times have you noticed a billboard somewhere? Or an advertising banner? Do you really notice them? I do. I see them on the expressway on my way to work, or walking into the mall or the gym, or even a restaurant. These are meant to tell us something. They are meant to get our attention. Maybe tell us a story, advertise a sale, a new business. Or perhaps they are there to help motivate or inspire us. Signs, having been used for decades to accomplish anything from creating impulse purchases to encouraging people to exercise more, are not only a popular trend in businesses, but also a popular trend in homes as well. While businesses may use a banner to advertise a sale or promotion, people have also had banners created, with a favorite family photo on it or maybe inspirational wall graphics, etc. Whatever the reason, they are there for us to see and to use to our advantage. Here is a breakdown of some different types of banners, possible uses, and who may find them useful. These are only meant as ideas and can be interchangeable between categories. There are retractable banners, table top banners and banners that are just hung with grommets and rope or that can be attached to surfaces by pole pockets that the banner slides onto.

Benefits of Banners

  • Very versatile & inexpensive way to advertise
  • Can be printed vertically or horizontally
  • Single or double-sided
  • Reusable with no further payout (unless you had to change a date or something on it)
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors
  • Has a huge visual impact, very noticeable because they are usually vivid/bold and strategic in color, have large lettering and simple design that stands out, short and to the point, uncluttered, easy to read fonts
  • Used for promotion/advertisement of sale, new business, events, open houses, safety alerts, inspire, motivate
  • Retractable banners retract so they are very portable
  • Table top banners are very portable due to their short/small stature

Examples of some industries that have been known to use banners & for what types of things

  • Colleges, College Dorms, Schools: “Welcome home, welcome back, Open enrollment, Renting now, Homecoming tonight, Titans vs. Spartans”, etc.
  • Churches: “Church service at 7 pm, Fundraising event”, etc.
  • Military: “Recruiting now, welcome home”, etc.
  • Employers, Temp Agencies: “Job fair/career fair, open interviews”, etc.
  • Real Estate Developments/Housing Developments: “Open house, for sale, rent now, commercial space available, rental space available”, etc.
  • Gyms: “Join now only $10, do you want to be able to wear that hot two-piece bathing suit in time for summer”, etc.
  • Ball park or sports field: “Come get your official Red Wings t-shirt here”, or there will be banners all along the fences creating a dual purpose of adding some privacy as well as advertising games, or specials, or some of their sponsors, etc.
  • Pet Stores: “Adoption events, sale on Iams pet food”, etc.
  • Restaurants:Grand Opening, 2 for 1 Steak and lobster night”, etc.
  • Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Parties: “Reception here, park here, Tony and Genevieve’s Magical day or Jacob’s bar mitzvah, Greg’s Birthday come at your own risk”, etc.
  • Triathlons: “Winner, start, finish, 10K race to benefit leukemia”, etc.
  • Stores: “Sales, events, fundraising, charities,”
  • Arena’s for concerts, etc.: “Safety, one line forms to the right, stay out of the woods”, etc.
  • For personal or families: “Creating a banner for your son or daughter with their favorite team or school sport picture, or a favorite family photo with an inspiring message on it, spend more time with family, exercise more, could be an inspirational quote or something that motivates us to be better, or could be something totally off the wall that makes you laugh” etc.
  • Hospitals: “Donate today, blood drive, eat healthier, also inside hospitals as a décor with peoples’ or doctors’ pictures on them or other scenes, or a doctor’s office to add comfort to patients or children”, etc.
  • Construction Sites: “Safety guidelines, new construction, Trendy River Town homes coming soon, stay on this path to the entrance”, etc.

Whatever your need or desire is for a banner, there are many different options as far as sizes, colors, types, what you want on it, etc. Also, not all banners or signage have to be “serious”, they can be humorous or funny as well, depending on your purpose or goal of the banner. Above, is an example of one we created for Rick’s Prime Rib House. So, if you’d like to get your business or event noticed but aren’t sure how or where to start, give us a call or send us an email. Our staff would love to help you.Example of funnny banner 4 biz