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Sometimes being able to keep employees can be difficult for numerous reasons. Everything from pay and benefits to appreciation and a fun, peaceful environment to work in, and everything in between. In order to better understand this issue, we have to look at it and think about it from an employee’s point of view. Employees want to like and be challenged by what they do and feel like they add value to the company. Also, work/life balance is important to many and can add to your level of retention in the workplace.

Here are some of the things that can help retain your employees, and includes good management. A good and open line of communication in the workplace is crucial. This doesn’t mean you have to tolerate or accept your employee telling you off. It does mean, that when you have an employee that has an issue with something such as a customer, or a way of doing things, or whatever it may be, that you allow them and encourage them to talk to you about it in a constructive and private manner. The same goes if you have an issue or concern with one of your employees or situations in the workplace. Be sure to confront and communicate with your employee in a constructive way and in private where it is not done in front of other people so as to humiliate or embarrass them. No one wants to work for a tyrant or someone that is miserable and treats their employees badly or doesn’t allow for any talking or communicating. Businesses are a group effort, and without your employees, you’d be hard pressed to run your business alone, since a lot of businesses depend on and need their employees to help run it. In order to be a team and work together to keep a business running, there has to be ongoing communication and a level of trust there to do that.

Another thing that helps employees feel confident is knowing what their job responsibilities are and having the proper training to do those. Some of that training comes from former education or certifications they have and some is also from training on the job that they get from their employer and workplace. When I worked for a freight company, they had LED screens in the warehouse that showcased if, when, and where there were meetings and training, and in which rooms. It was very helpful and useful, and not only allowed us to be where we needed to when we needed to but also freed up our boss to do other important tasks like help customers, rather than have to answer every employee that came up to him about where the meeting or training was. These LED boards were high up on the walls where everyone could see them, and they even told us our safety numbers for the day so we knew if we had to adjust how we were doing things or if we were doing things appropriately in order to avoid certain pitfalls.Example of Employee Recognition Digital Display

Since employee recognition and appreciation also plays a vital role in retaining your employees, another way you could do this is to have an “employee of the month” parking spot for them, with a parking sign that states that in your company parking lot. When I worked for a corporate company many years ago, they did that for me when I made employee of the month or quarter, as well as announced it over the PA (public announcement system) and gave me a small party and a gift certificate. It was nice, fun, and made me feel valued as an employee. In turn, this made me like my job even more because I knew that the company I worked for liked my work and thought I was a good worker. Of course, this benefited them as well as a result. So, it was a win-win situation. The bosses were happy and the employee was happy.Example of Employee Parking Sign

Nowadays, we have moved more into the digital age and away from older technology so there are more digital displays than P.A. systems, although they do still exist. So, another way you could show employee recognition and even customer recognition and appreciation is with a digital or LED display. With these, you can type whatever message you want from a computer or input device and it will then show up on the LED or digital display screen. It’s pretty neat and very effective.