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Take a look at the pictures in this article. These are a couple examples of LED signs. These two examples resemble neon signs, but are powered with LED lights, and are just one type of sign design that can be powered by LED lighting. LED lights can be used to power just about any type of lighted sign, and are a great way to get your business noticed.

Great advancements have been made in lighted signs. Tungsten and neon lighted signs can be very expensive because of the amount of electricity it takes to power them, as well as the cost involved with maintenance and replacement parts. LED signs run on a fraction of the amount of electricity, and require far less maintenance and replacement bulbs. LED technology has become so much more advanced that industries and even home owners are switching to LED for inside and outside use because of the quality, savings, and safety they provide compared to traditional resources.

One of the advantages of LED lighted signs, over other types of electric signs, is the sheer brightness. These signs can be seen at great distances, even in direct sunlight. And at nighttime, they really show off just how bright they shine. They can show scrolling information, rotate full screens, or just show a static display.

Standing out in the crowd can be difficult, that’s why having a LED lighted sign is a great way to make sure that your advertising, logo or other branding will be seen. No matter the size of the sign, LED lighting is a great way to get your business seen, and without breaking the bank on energy costs.

If you have any questions about LED lighting, or how much you could save by switching from an older technology to the new industry standard of LED lights, just give us a call. We would be more than happy to help.

Written by: Excalibur Sign Studio